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Motion M7 app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 160 ratings )
Lifestyle Health & Fitness
Developer: Marc Schillhorst
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 17 Oct 2013
App size: 840 Kb

ATTENTION! This app runs only on the iPhone 5s!!!

Have a look at your daily activities.
This app accesses the data from the coprocessor M7 and does not have to be open. This extends the battery life.

See your steps on the last seven days (just swipe with the finger on the screen).
How long you walked, run, drive or didn´t move today? This app shows you.
See how much calories you have burned (incl. basal metabolism rate) and and how many miles you ran.
The calculated calorie consumption serves as a guide or reference point and is never exact. Give your data (height, weight, age and gender) in order to get a more accurate result.

The following movements are currently recognized:

Stationary - The time in which you are sitting, lying or not moving or the iPhone depends on the charger.

Walking and running - to get an optimal result your iPhone should be in your pocket.

Driving - to get a better result in a car your iPhone should be connected or lying on the dashboard. Mostly in newer cars this optimizes the detection rate on the M7 chip.

The activity data of the M7 coprocessor stay on the iPhone and will NEVER be send from this application.

Whats next?
(Please write me your wishes in the Review page or send me an email.. Ill try to implement it in a later version. Thank you.)
- the admittedly poor appearance of the app has been criticized. Im working on that.

If you have suggestions you can feel free to send them to the following email:

This program was created with great care and all information were checked for accuracy. For any incorrect or incomplete information can not be held liable.

Pros and cons of Motion M7 app for iPhone and iPad

Motion M7 app good for

Ive used and i never had any problem.So very useful,stable and excellent results.Id love to strongly recommended to everyone.And i also want to say many thanks to application producer.By the way,I hope youll keep in up to date always.
Hello Marc, Thank you for the app. It is OK. Suggested improvements: 1. Implement "Swipe" gesture from "1 day" screen to "7 days" and to "settings". 2. Implement auto update interval on "1 day" screen. 3. Implement target step number per day. 4. Implement "reminder interval" if a user is inactive. With a "working hours" for reminder interval. With a "minimum number of steps" to take. 4.a. Customizable Reminder interval -- is a number of minutes from the last "step" activity. Reminds a user to take some steps. 4.b. Customizable Working hours -- time when Reminder interval is operational. E.g. 8 a.m. -- 10 p.m. No need to remind to walk in the middle of the night. 4.c. Customizable minimum number of steps -- is a number of steps for a user to take after he is reminded to walk. If walked less and got back to inactivity an optional notification might be shown, that target is not reached.

Some bad moments

I love this app. So simple yet a great idea. This app will put Fitbit and others out of business if People own iphone5s :)
Very cool! Can you make a way to see charts over time of historical data? Nice design :-)
Too soon to gauge accuracy but I appreciate the developers not overselling apps capability, which after all cannot do more than process and make visible the M7 data.
Needed to find a fast replacement since my FitBit got recalled. This seems to work just as well. The only sort-of issue I had was converting US units to metric to configure- but Siri to the rescue!